As a cooperating physician/podiatrist, any required authority delegated to the advanced practice nurse is presented in an attached document. A written management agreement is required between the medical practitioner and the PA. Appropriate supervisory requirements shall be established on the spot. The personal presence of the physician is not required on site where the PA provides medical care. 225 ILCS §95/7.5 The advanced practice nurse shall, if necessary, consult the cooperating doctor/barge. In the absence of a designated cooperating doctor/barge, another doctor/barge is available for consultation. 6 3. COOPERATION AND ADVICE FOR CNM, CNP AND CNS. Cooperation and consultation includes: (A) The advanced practice nurse who wishes to seek the advice or advice of the cooperating physician/podiatrist through communication methods that are pleasant for both parties, through telecommunications or electronic communications, or personally for consultation and cooperation in case of medical problems, complications or emergency or patient transfer.

(See 225 ILCS 60 (b) (3); 225 ILCS 65/65-35 (b)). (B) regularly discuss the status of patients to whom a controlled substance has been prescribed under delegated prescription authorisation, for Annex III – V (225 ILCS 65/65-40-b)) and at least once a month for Annex II (225 ILCS 65/65-40(d) (4)); and (C) the advanced practice nurse who informs any cooperating physician/AP may prescribe schedules II-V drugs and controlled substances, if described in the physician`s written supervision agreement. 225 ILCS §95/7.5 A written cooperation agreement is required for all Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) working in a clinic outside a hospital or outpatient surgical treatment centre (ASTC). An APN may provide services in a licensed hospital or ASTC without a written cooperation agreement or delegated order authority. 7 Podiatrist of all WRITTEN COLLABORATIVE agreements that he or she has signed with other doctors/podiatrists and provides a copy to each cooperating physician/podiatrist upon request. 2015 Illinois State Medical Society COOPERATION AND CONSULTING FOR CRNA. Cooperation and advice shall include: (A) An authorised RNA may provide anaesthesia services on behalf of a licensed physician, podiatrist or dentist; (B) In the case of anaesthesia services, an anaesthetist, physician, podiatrist or dentist participates in the discussion and agreement with the anaesthesia plan and is physically present and available on the premises during the provision of anaesthesia services for the diagnosis, consultation and treatment of emergency diseases. on an agreement drawn up jointly and signed by the APRN and one or more doctors. Each APRN and each doctor check together the authorization to practice jointly each year.

Any authorization for collaborative practice must contain a cover containing the names and telephone numbers of the APRN and the physician, theirs. The rules implement changes made by the Illinois Nurse Practice Act of 2017 by introducing a comprehensive licensing procedure to the practice authority, allowing APRNs authorized in Illinois to avoid the need for a cooperation agreement with a physician. The main authorisation requirements are as follows: this written cooperation agreement is reviewed and updated annually. A copy of this written cooperation agreement is recorded in all locations where the nurse provides services in advanced practice and is made available to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation upon request. . . .

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