Microsoft Partnership Agreement (MPA) The Microsoft Partnership Agreement replaces a list of agreements such as the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA) and the Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA). Long word short term, it simplifies things and you only need the MPA to do your business. If your organization has signed a Microsoft customer agreement to renew your Enterprise Agreement registration, a new billing account for the agreement will be created. Billing in your new account is organized differently from your corporate agreement. This article describes how to use the new billing account to perform the tasks that you performed in your enterprise agreement. Partners will continue to “play a crucial role in this new business model,” Microsoft`s announcement added. However, Microsoft`s customer agreement has been described as a waiver of administrative support from previous agreements: depending on the scenario, the experience may vary for you and your customers. First, let`s look at what agreements really are. Tell us about Bytes exclusive offerings for Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment customers and customers who are considering new Azure workloads. Starting March 1, 2019, customers will be able to purchase Azure Services directly from Microsoft under a new Microsoft customer agreement. As of August 1, 2019, new Azure Services enterprise customers will no longer be able to acquire a registration subject to the Microsoft Enterprise agreement through an Azure Only Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE). Microsoft Customer Agreement The MCA is a contract between a customer and Microsoft and is therefore no longer associated.

Billing and payment are done directly by Microsoft and, according to them, will streamline the way customers deal with Microsoft. Customers can continue to use a Microsoft partner for pre-sales and post-trade support and consulting. The Microsoft Customer Agreement is a contract that is always available on the Microsoft Store for Business and displays the specific discounts and credits in effect. In 2017, Microsoft began its modern business transition with the vision of modernizing the shopping experience for customers and partners. They first introduced the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program. They then removed EA`s Azure price waterfalls to provide a consistent single price for all programs. In October 2018, Microsoft continued this modern commerce strategy by introducing programmatic changes to its volume licensing programs, which focus specifically on offer prices and discounts. Now, they`re introducing a new way for customers to buy and manage Azure. Reporting and Compliance With respect to Article 6 of the Agreement, the Customer shall keep complete and accurate records of the Licensed Products and Services.

In addition, the customer must evaluate the acquisition, use and distribution of such products and services on a calendar quarter. Twice a year, the customer must provide records to Microsoft, and Microsoft is entitled to a license check.

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