Like all business structures, the LLP is subject to federal and state laws, and it must comply with those laws to maintain its business registration and license. In the event that the partners of an LLP wish or need to make changes to the profit-making in the agreement, they must formally amend the agreement to indicate that legal changes have been made. Fortunately, much of changing an LLP is about filling out the right form and making any necessary changes to the tax forms. The partners agree in writing or take the decision at the partners` meeting. Procedures under the LLP Agreement Create a change statement indicating the changes to be made and the official date of those changes. The declaration of modification should have the same legal form as the initial profit-sharing agreement and clearly indicate how the profits will be distributed in the future. This form must be filed with the initial profit-sharing contract among the company and state documents to prove that a change has taken place. 1. Date of modification of the contract 2. Reason for change – if the change is due to the following causes: After the conclusion of the agreement, give a copy in form 3 to the Registrar of Companies a copy of this LLP agreement to identify the procedures to be followed to modify the LLP agreement The LLP agreement can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Enterprise Affairs (MCA). The electronic form can be downloaded, completed and submitted, or it can also be completed directly online with the digital signature certification method. Download the form and fill it out to edit the LLP agreement.

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