In other words, the francization tax is a tax that must be paid to the bank or agency for the stamp of real estate securities that serve as a legal proof for the payment of stamp duty. No, TDS is not applicable to frankier fees, as the Central Direct Taxes Council (CBDT) has granted an exemption from the source tax deduction (TDS) for certain payments made by companies/individuals in banking financial services. However, francization fees are usually only a fraction of stamp duty and are sometimes adjusted against stamp duty. For example, the minimum francization tax is linked to 0.1% of the sale value of real estate documents in Bengaluru. MakaaniQ provides useful information on franking fees: it is also possible to buy printed electronic stamp papers. These are documents that have already gone through the process of francization. Stamp duty payable is included in the paper fee. As these documents are ready to be simply signed and registered, the process is very simple and totally online. NotaryKart offers first-class online franc services that save you valuable time, money and guaranteed peace of mind. Our valued customers are satisfied with The services of Frankier Service of NotaryKart, which guarantee a fast, fluid and efficient francisation of documents. Under the Goods and Services Taxation Act 2017, no GST must be paid on court fees if it is sold by state coffers or government-approved sellers. As a result, frankie fees are excluded from the GST.

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