The Victorian Catholic Education Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2018 (VCEMEA) describes the conditions of employment of employees working in the Diocese of Sale. These include education, education assistance (including school management services, student support and school curricula), school services (including horticulture, buildings and maintenance, domestic or food services, bus drivers and cleaners) and support services from the Catholic Bureau of Education, the Bishop of Von Sale. If you learn with passion, learn and help children reach their full potential, we`d love to hear from you. Check out our “Unemployed” page to see the current educational opportunities in the diocese. Doscel directs and supervises 37 primary schools and seven secondary schools. We employ more than 2,500 educators and facilitators who are dedicated to training more than 19,000 students. As a Catholic educational community, we work together to inspire faith and inspire learning. At Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Ltd (DOSCEL), we aspire to a quality Catholic education for every student in our diocese. We want to help students become successful learners who know, appreciate and exploit the traditions and teachings of the Catholic faith. From the fast-growing areas in south-east Melbourne to picturesque locations in Gippsland, the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Sale offer many career and lifestyle opportunities.

Our schools are welcoming and safe environments in which specialized teaching practices are encouraged. We value professional learning and development. To help our employees throughout their careers, we offer a number of professional apprenticeships, including; Positions of Leadership Pool Arrangements per Student Starting in 2019, the tool allowance for a carpenter is $36 per week and, in other cases, $20 per week. Education Support Staff – Classification & Level Descriptors.

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