If the framework agreements are not likely to meet trade requirements, we will solicit offers from the market or promote attribution opportunities at national or EU level. The appropriate pathways to the market are based on the value of a contract, which is listed below: information on common service agreements relating to the management of student funding. We will use the appropriate framework agreements to enter into mainly contracts with suppliers. Here are some of these framework agreements: we have a zero-tolerance policy towards modern slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all trade relations, taking steps to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking do not exist in any of our trade or supply chains, and we are constantly striving to improve our procurement practices to combat these crimes. Read our statement of principle on modern slavery. When we enter into contracts with suppliers, goods, services or factories delivered are subject to standard SLC conditions. Copies will be made available on this page in the near future. Our orders are also subject to our terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed. The Academic Registrars Council (ARC) and the National Association of Managers of Student Services (NAMSS) have approved these standards. Student Loans Company is now the National Association of School Based Initial Teacher Trainers (NASBTT) and Independent HE Endorsement. A description of the service is assigned to each NetSuite Cloud service in the corresponding cloud price list.

Service restrictions are indicated in the service description, such as the number of environments. B, storage restrictions, the list of modules that Oracle will provide for this cloud service. The commercial services team is responsible for most of the procurement activities throughout the Student Loans Company (SLC). Hosting and provision policies describe how Oracle will deliver cloud services. It also describes how Oracle manages the Data Center, including how we address security, change management and backups. Oracle NetSuite (NSGBU) has a unique contract model for all programs and services worldwide. Typical contracts often refer to guidelines and other documents that may be relevant to a given contract. Links to standard contracts, specified guidelines and other documents are available here. Continuous improvement and quality of service are important to us.

As a result, If you need more information or because a supplier wants to provide feedback on the procurement process, please contact the commercial services team by email: Commercial@SLC.co.uk As a public body, we must comply with EU procurement guidelines, applying the Public Procurement Regulation 2015, which explains how we buy goods, services and works. These rules promote competition and ensure that all potential suppliers are treated equally and have the same clear understanding of the requirements. Our service contract describes the information-sharing obligations of Student Loans Company and higher education providers in terms of student funding. Service standards and service definitions arising from these obligations are attached to the document as a reference.

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