(4) We use the right to require a quality assurance contract from the supplier. This quality assurance agreement is then part of this GTCP. The effectiveness of the written form is required for all treaty changes and additions. Contracting parties may also meet this requirement by transmitting documents in the form of text, including by fax or e-mail, unless otherwise established for individual statements. The written form agreement itself can only be revoked in writing. We simply recognize a simple reserve of ownership; Other forms of property reserve must be subject to explicit written consent. (4) The supplier must constantly monitor the quality of its deliveries and services. It is required to comply with our quality assurance agreement for suppliers in its version in force at the time. To this end, it implements and maintains a quality assurance system under ISO 9001:2015 or a standard agreed with us. Changes to the delivered thing require our prior approval.

For all products delivered to us, the supplier must indicate in writing when, how and by whom the delivery was manufactured flawlessly. These records are kept for at least 10 years and are presented to us on request. Contractors must be held accordingly. (3) All agreements between us and the Supplier regarding contracts are recorded in writing in the contracts, these GTPPs or our offers. 3. Partial deliveries are only accepted with explicit consent. In any case, for partial deliveries, indicate the balance to be provided. (1) Only the content of our written orders applies. Oral or secondary restrictions will only be valid if we confirm them in writing. Delivery contracts (order and receipt) and delivery plans, as well as their modification and addition, are subject to written form. (7) The statute of limitations for claims of defaults is 36 months from the transfer of risk, with an explicit written agreement stipulating something else or providing for longer statutes of limitations.

This applies without prejudice to section 634 (a) of the BGB, paragraph 3-5, in the case of a service contract or margin point. 438 al. 3-5 BGB, in case of sales contract and margin. 479 al. 2 and 3. (4) Art. 377 The Code of Commerce has no direct or analogous application to pure service contracts, and we are not affected by a duty to review and appeal other contracts outside section 377 of the Code of Commerce. (5) This does not affect all other obligations of the supplier.

If one provision of these CPCs is ineffective, or incomplete, the effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected. The parties replace the ineffective provision with a legally binding provision, which is as close as possible to the objective of ineffective determination. The same is true of contract gaps. (2) If we are to issue a recall on the basis of proof of injury in accordance with paragraph 1, the supplier is required to reimburse us for all expenses related to the recall.

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