I`ve received complaints from two of your neighbors about suspected illicit drug use in your rented unit. I must remind you that section 8 of our rental agreement states that all types of narcotics are prohibited in the premises of this building. Therefore, if evidence of illegal drug use is found in your unit, you will be evacuated with immediate effect. For the purpose of your letter of formal notice, come to the point where you refer at an early stage to the lease and possible violations. For example, if the worst happens and you are required to send an eviction notice to your tenant, you must prove that you have taken the right steps along the way, including writing the corresponding warning letters to your tenants at the right points in the process. An effective warning letter is a letter that carries the corresponding weight and contains the right message to the tenant that you have in mind. It`s easy to write this kind of letter if you`ve been in the rental business for a long time. However, as a new landlord or property manager, you may have difficulty writing a letter to write weight to a tenant guilty of a tenancy violation. I received a noise complaint about the loud music being played in your apartment.

This is a violation of clause x in your rental agreement that says ,… Before you start your letter, you need to make sure that the tenant is actually violating the rental agreement. You can only know if you are still reading the rental agreement. This way it will be easier to refer to the exact section that the tenant is violating on your letter. Tenants can cause all kinds of trouble and/or destructive, except pay late payment. If they do, you can do it quickly and effectively with an infringement warning. If you send them a notice, this dual purpose, which we love so much, is created – the tenant is informed and you can document that you have notified the tenant (for future hearings). Before you start with their writing, you need to make sure that the letter is in compliance with various housing laws, such as local, government and federal housing laws. You could get in trouble if your letter violates these laws. I must remind you of our lease agreement, which involves maintaining cleanliness as an important clause. It is your responsibility to clean up immediately after hosting a party.

In addition, you must maintain the entire order of your rented premises. In particular, your front door and common staircase should always be clean. For your letter to be effective, you must be at least one foot ahead of the tenant. You need to check the relevant laws to see what protection your client might have. For example, some housing laws keep certain animals free of harm. You can easily know how to properly write your letter with the necessary message if you know the exact legal protection that may be available to the tenant regarding the violation. An effective warning letter must first refer to the tenancy and how the tenant has broken this rule. Just as you would if you were writing an official letter, you must give your reason in bold to write such a letter. Make sure you keep this reason very short, clear, simple and effective. In addition, by exploring relevant housing laws, you know your right and can refer the tenant to such a section of the law when writing your letter.

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