Members of NSGEU Local 71 voted in favour of the strike on 29 June, after negotiations were interrupted at the end of the school year, just before the summer holidays. A number of conciliation meetings were held in August and September and an interim agreement was reached on 14 September. Halifax (October 01, 2018) – Members of the Nova Scotia Government – General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) who work for the Regional Centre for Education in Chignecto-Central have voted in favour of a new collective agreement. “Negotiations have been difficult and time-consuming, but we are pleased to reach an agreement with the employer with the help of the mediator,” said Jason MacLean, President of the NSGEU. “I want to thank the negotiating committee and Local 71`s chief negotiator, Nicole McKim, for their hard work.” The new agreement will begin on July 1, 30, 2015 and expire on June 30, 2023. (a) any person employed by one of the following employers or successors and subject to a collective agreement between that employer and the specified bargaining partner, or his successor: Quest – A Society for Adult Support and Rehabilitation 3 For the definition of “public sector workers” in section 3, point n), of the act, not all persons are employed in the public sector. NSNU, The Community of St. Anne and Local Care Center 3 (a) …….. Shannex Health Care Management Limited, regarding Cedarstone Enhanced Care . NSNU, Wolfville Nursing Homes Limited (Wolfville) Local International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 721 and 721B Nova Scotia Nurses` Union, Hillside Pines Home for Special Care Local NSNU, Ivey`s Terrace Nursing Home (Trenton) Local Musquodoboit Valley Home for Special Care Association (Braeside) The Inverness County Municipal Housing Corporation, owner of Foyer Pere Fiset.

NSNU, High-Crest Home for Special Care (Springhill) Local . . Canadian Mental Health Association, Kings County Branch . . Bay Side Home Corporation, also known as Bayside Home Corporation. See paragraph 3, paragraph 6, of the Ordinance Act for the effective date provisions of the regulations . . . NSNU, Shoreham Village Seniorenverein Local .

. `law`, the Public Services Sustainability Act (2015); NSNU, Shannex Clinical Services Limited, Blomidon Court (Greenwich) Local .

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