The appointment and candidacy for the partner university / And what about? They are nominated and the trial begins. Have you found a suitable university for your stay abroad and would like to apply for a semester abroad at this partner university? There are many things to consider when applying to our partner universities. Please read carefully the following guidelines regarding the Outgoing application process: Exact deadlines, more information and the exact content of the tender, application forms and individual promotion packages are available here: Make sure once again that your Transcript of Records is available from your host university. In the next step, you should receive an email from the partner university with instructions on how to proceed. But sometimes that`s not the case. Therefore, it is imperative that you take into account the information available on the partner university`s website. Everything that the partner university sets in terms of deadlines and asks you for documents must be taken into account by you! Please send the documents by email to: werner (at) Upon your return, all exchange students can enjoy an experience report of about 2 – 5 DIN A 4 pages in the Akadem. Drop off the foreign office – if possible with pictures! You can use the model filed here. (In any case, their exam regulations or their technical coaching coordinator require a report. You can do it to the academician. The foreign office.

Their honorary reports aim to improve the preparation of future outgoings and the evaluation of cooperation.) Please do it. Information on: preparation (planning, organisation and application to the host university), accommodation, studies at the host university, daily and leisure, conclusion (best and worst experience). Trier University of Applied Sciences has bilateral agreements with universities all over the world and participates in the Erasmus program. You can apply at Trier University of Applied Sciences when you`ve been nominated by your home university. Procedure Seek contact with the various interlocutors at the Birkenfeld environmental campus as soon as possible and research the website of the partner university you have chosen.

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